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Autodromo Portimão 15th-16th April 2024
Circuito do Estoril 18th April 2024


Ready for our next adventure in Portugal!  Our absolute favourite Portimão in combination with the historical Estoril GP circuit near Lisbon.


Portimão is the one circuit we cannot resist going back to, despite its distance.  The weather, beautiful surroundings and hotels and of course its insane rollercoaster layout.  April will also be the best time of the year to spend a week in Portugal.  We have always aimed to combine these trips with finding new circuits and have chosen the historic Estoril this year.  Located in the picturesque Cascais area, this will be another fabulous addition to our list of circuits.


When we are at Portimão, we will be staying at the marvellous Vila Vita and its neighbour Vila Lara again to make the most of this trip.  For Cascais we are going to find some exciting options too.


After a pause from visiting Portugal, we look forward to seeing many of our regulars and some newcomers for this absolute highlight of the year.

Pricing for the event will be:

Three full days with lunch and catering for €2750
Two full days with lunch and catering for €1900
One full day with lunch and catering for €975
      • Additional driver with lunch and catering €250 per day
      • Guest/passenger with lunch and catering €125 per day

         Car transportation

            • From North-Holland or Spa: Open trailer or Closed trailer – contact us for quote
            • From UK (Silverstone/London): Closed trailer - contact us for quote

          Note: all prices are including VAT and a VAT invoice can be provided.

          Zandvoort 1st-2nd July 2024

          For Summer 2024, we return to the magnificent and historic Zandvoort F1 racing circuit.  This time we are delighted to have secured the prime summer dates of Monday evening 1st July and all day Tuesday 2nd July

          We will maintain the same format as always: arrive on Monday afternoon for the sign-on and open the track from 17:00 to 19:00 followed by a BBQ. On Tuesday the track will be open from 9:00 - 17:00 with lunch provided.  As always, we run an open pitlane, have low numbers of cars and free overtaking.


          Our pricing will be as follows for bookings before 1st May, after which there will be a 10% increase:


          First driver with 1.25 days on track, BBQ, catering and lunch pays €1195

            • Extra driver/passenger pays €245, which includes lunch and BBQ

          Instruction is available for EUR 150 per hour (multiples of 30 min slots and minimum 1 hour).

          Note: all prices are including VAT and a VAT invoice can be provided.



          There is a maximum of two drivers per car permitted. Please contact us to discuss exceptions.

          The NH hotel next to the track will be used by most and may fill quickly, so book this in time at www.nhhotels.com.


          Regarding noise, Zandvoort apply a general quota rather than car-specific restrictions.  So if the quota is consumed as a group, the loudest cars will be asked to reduce noise or the session may be stopped for a period of time.  Please be prepared and if you have a non-standard exhaust that cannot be silenced, keep in mind that you may face issues with noise.

          France October 2024

          French event planned for October - details to follow, so stay tuned.