About Us

For some, driving on track is a passion.  It is a place where you can drive to the limit, both yours and the car's.  It is a sport that carries risk but also something in which you can completely lose yourself and focus on just that one thing, driving.

Parabolica was started by friends who share that passion.  It is not a company, but drivers who organise events for friends so they can explore that world together.  Even though we all love driving anything with wheels, old or new, fast or slow, Parabolica is mainly for those who want to use higher-end road and race cars in an environment that allows them to push hard, and even battle, with a very high certainty that car and driver go home without damage.

Having like-minded people who understand those principles spend time together in the pitlane and outside the track, creates an environment in which the driving can happen without too many rules.  These are events in which you can race yourself or others with absolute mutual respect.  The lap records are subsequently broken over a glass of champagne or during an amazing meal.

That's Parabolica.